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Kristen’s Blog » Blog Archive » Dealing with Self-Esteem

I have struggled with self-esteem issues for most of my life. I was always that girl who was looking over her shoulder in fear that someone was looking at her with critizing eyes.

Counseling Self Esteem

In counseling self esteem, I am reminded of step four in the AA program, which states that the alcoholic needed to make a fearless and thorough moral inventory of themselves in order to determine their defects of character which need to …

I’m OK, You’re OK: Social Media Self-Esteem

Just when we thought we’d found our place in the business world and our community and gotten comfortable in our own skin, along came Social Media. Rather than worry if we’re leading the fashion trends, we’re counting re-tweets and …

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Time Management: How To Prioritize Goals Fast


Have you ever started your day with the intention of working on a specific project that was within the scope of your daily goals, and then discovered that the entire day had come and gone and you never got to it?


Perhaps it was an online project that you have been working on launching for weeks or months. Perhaps it was a simple chore that your wife had asked you to do the day prior. Whatever the task is, not having a enough time or not remembering the goal at hand happens to everyone at some time or another throughout life.

There is no one particular way that I am going to tell you to prioritize tasks with. You can label them however you want. For example, I prefer to have “A” tasks, then “B” tasks, etc. And within each task letter there may be several smaller goals that make up the entire job. On my list they will be labeled “A1” and “A2”, etc.

You must put your most urgent and important tasks first. In this case today my “A” goal is to do whatever it is that is most important, and with which would result in a very negative situation if I failed to do it. In other words, my most urgnent things to do are ones that have serious reprecussions if they were forogtten about.

An example would be my work requirements. Obviously I cannot go to the office and then play around on the computer all day, so I would label my main priorities in accordance with my work. I may get fired for this, or if I own my own business, I may loose my most profitable accounts if these “work requirements” are not adhered to.

By going further down the line, my D or E goals would be items that have little consequence if I missed them or not. Things like washing my car, checking my email, or phoning home to see what is for dinner. These are obviously not the most hard pressing items that I need to do, yet many times I have made the mistake of wasting time doing them, yet washing my car, making phone calls, checking emails, and browsing discussion groups could have been put off without any negative reprecussions.

Many people tend to get into the bad habit of putting off their bigger goals by doing the less meaningful tasks during the day. This leads to procrastination and then you wonder why you are not accomplishing your goals.

Set aside a lot of time to reach your major daily goals. Since most of our important projects or tasks can’t be completed in one sitting, you’ll make your life easier and reduce your stress level when you can work on them with plenty of lead time. You do a little now and a little later and before you know it – you’re done!…